Day 4: Second chances, sunsets, and kids

Got home tonight and my normal routine is to flip on the TV set and float from scene to scene mindlessly looking at… nothing! But during these 28 days, I have given up TV, so I went outside and set on my balcony.

I was presented with a different scene.  Kids were playing football in the park behind our house laughing and enjoying this amazing weather. The sun was setting and the colors were fantastic!  I wasn’t sure what to label the colors… the best I could come up with was orange marmalade with a blue frosting. Colors like that for some reason remind me of desert.  Weird I know.

So, I was reading another weird thing in Mark today. It made me go “huh.” Why did Jesus choose Judas as a disciple, as an apostle?  Why did he choose him if he knew he would become treasurer and would skim money off the top for himself? Why would he pick him if he knew he would betray him?

So, maybe he didn’t know. He if fully God and fully human and maybe he limited his knowledge of stuff like that. Being God, he could limit  himself in order to embrace more of his humanity.

But, the problem with that theory is that it is obvious he knew Judas would betray him in the upper room the night before. And, there are references elsewhere that suggests he knew someone would betray him.  So, he probably knew I think.

So, why choose him. I guess the only answer I can come up with is that Jesus hoped Judas wouldn’t do it. I think he held out this weird, unexplainable, crazy belief that Judas would choose a different path.  It makes my brain hurt to think about it but I think it not only makes sense but makes me feel warm and gooey inside.  Kind of like that desert sunset. Can you tell I am a bit hungry?

It makes me understand how God can keep trying to win people who stubbornly and repeatedly reject him. It makes me happy to know that even when I blow it, He is still ready to give me a second chance!  I think that Jesus’ M.O. is that he won’t stop trying; he won’t relent!

What does this all have to do with TV, sunsets and kids?  I guess I am giving myself more time away from the insignificant to consider the significance of the God I know and serve! I am beginning to see how really amazing He is.  He paints great portraits in the sky, lets us see the unfettered joy of kids at play, and keeps on giving us multiple opportunities to open our hearts to Him!  It’s simply amazing!

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