What’s Your Story?

Join the discussion. What has God done in your life through our “28 Days” discussion? Share your story to encourage others along their own journey. Just drop your story in the “comments” section below.

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  1. Tracy

    In the past 20 days I have quit smoking and I have read each chapter everynight of Mark. Just in doing these two things my life has been full of good and I am seeing the miracles of God work each day. You know God has a plan and when we want things to go your way they sometimes don’t and then you think to yourself why not (ok I think to myself that). I have seen things happen in these 19 days where it has hit me like WOW and I’ve seen God work on his time and make things happen for people in my life that were and have been struggling. It is pretty amazing when you take time to really open your heart you see God changing the world. I am enjoying the chapters I am reading and looking forward to each day learning more.

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