Angels we have heard on high!

So, in my continuing journey to get the Christmas tree up, tonight I finished putting up the second half of the tree and then put the lights around the perimeter of the tree.  All that was left was the angel on the top. The angel also has lights.

Apparently, the lights have burned out since none of them is working. I can’t put the angel on the tree without lights.  That would be a travesty of huge proportions!  Who ever heard of an angel who no longer has the light?

I guess that means that our fifteen year old angel may have finally bitten the dust. I think we paid about $15 for the angel back in the day. I am disappointed that it has only lasted this long. I hoped it would last at least another fifteen years!

Of course, I guess I could change all of those tiny little bulbs hoping to find the culprit or culprits in this “lighting fiasco” but that would be a bunch of work.  I think I might break down and buy another $15 angel.

Angels are weird creatures really. I think they are misrepresented by most of the artists of the day. They are usually cute and gentle with pretty faces and clothes. The Bible describes them as warriors!  When they appear to the angel, the “host” described there, in reality is an army ready for battle.

Sure, angels can sing and yet they can fight. Angels are the spiritual guards that fight the enemy of our spirits. They stand on the side of truth!  They help to bring justice to this world!

I just had a brilliant idea! Instead of buying another angel with frilly robes, maybe I will just buy a G.I. Joe! That might be more like it!

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