We are getting a very late start on putting out our Christmas decorations. Today, I finally managed to find the crate with our tree in it. It is my job to put the tree up and the lights around the tree. I dream of a pre-lit tree. Maybe next year!

To my chagrin, we stopped getting a “real” tree several years ago. I miss the tradition of going to the local market and finding the cheapest tree possible that looked heavenly.

Not easy to find a straight tree that is good looking for under $20 but most years I was successful. I might have to deal with a portion of the tree (turned toward the wall) that was bare in places or a crooked trunk, but we usually managed.

My wife finally helped me to see my need to be fiscally responsible and I think she was tired of sweeping up pine needles. For about ten years, it has been an artificial tree for the Davey family. I have to admit, it is a very nice artificial tree. It is a nice fir type tree but it obviously misses the “evergreen smell.”

So, today, I spent some time pulling out the individual branches from the box and began to attach them to the base. Of course, I had to “fluff” each individual branch. It takes time and I didn’t have a bunch of minutes to spare.

So, ultimately, I only completed half of the job. The bottom half is up. I took a peak at it tonight and it just doesn’t look right. It doesn’t even come close to resembling a real tree in its current state. There is nothing good about a half built artificial tree.

I guess the only thing that would look worse is a half built artificial life. In fact, any kind of artificial life just won’t cut it. It can look the part and it still won’t work. It will eventually become clear to everyone that the person is only pretending. It is a half life!

Artificial Christmas trees can mimic the real thing. People never can!  By the way, I hope to finish the tree fixing tomorrow. Or… maybe, I can let my “half tree” be a conversation piece.  Naw, I guess not…

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