Best sale ever!

Today, I did something crazy. I went to a couple of department stores. I know, I know, you would think I would know better at my age. A week before Christmas is not the best time to be in these kinds of places.

People are kind of driven this time of year. When they get that look in their eyes you better get out of their way. Watch out for a motivated soccer mom!

I couldn’t help one of them. I had to get my eye glasses fixed at the optical department of this particular store. So, since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to look around.

I have to admit, I attracted to these two little words: On Sale. I am especially drawn to sales that involve half off or better. However, I think I have it figured out. Clothes that are on sale for the amount they suggest are never worth as much as the original price.

In fact, I am pretty sure, the store folks push the price up so when they cut it, it looks that much more attractive.  So, as I contemplated buying this shirt, I wondered if I would have even considered buying it if the sales price was actually the list price. It was more attractive to me since there was this huge discount.

So, yeah I guess these store folks understand their psychological advantage. I was over matched. I bought the shirt.

So, what does this have to do with anything? We are all attracted to deals! We are excited by something we want that appears to be unreachable or improbable and yet we walk away with the it.

I feel that way about this incredible deal I got in life: my incredible wife, my three kids, their spouses, my soon to be in this world grand-kids, my friends, my church family, and of course my relationship with God.

These things are like the best sale ever: I didn’t pay anything.  I don’t deserve this good fortune.  I didn’t pay anything for it. Free gift! Like I said, best deal ever.

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