Have you ever felt emotionally exhausted? If I understand what it means, then I am there. I have had three long days in a row putting in a ton of hours. But, it is not the physical part of my life that is worn down.

I have had to explore some very deep issues the last three days and that has left me spent. I have been working on assessments with a consulting group that has been in town. “Diving deep” means looking closely at myself and my leadership strengths and leadership blind spots. Tough stuff!

But how do our emotions get tired? I think it is similar to how our physical bodies get tired. We use them! But, with emotions it doesn’t seem as simple as that.

I think it is kind of like diving under water and going as far down as you can go. You hold your breath for a certain amount of time but eventually your lungs begin to burn for a breath of air. You have to push up toward the source of relief.

That breath of air is similar to a revelation that you have received and you were dying to get it. It feels good to take that breath but it also wears on you since you expended great energy to get there.

So, I am feeling pretty good because I got in touch with some inner stuff but the “dive” to get there was not necessarily a whole bunch of fun. Do you know what I mean?

Regardless, its worth the journey. You may not be prepared for the amount of emotions that will be stirred but trust me it will be OK.

So grab your swim trunks and go for it!

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