“Merry” Christmas!

Last night we had a tremendous time in our three Christmas Eve services. I especially enjoyed our 11 p.m. service that featured an acoustic approach with plenty of candles! I loved finishing the service and actually being past midnight as people left and went home. I experienced Christmas!

Today, I planned on sleeping in but there was this inner child that wanted to get up and celebrate Christmas. This year, however, there were no “real kids” around. So, Mary and I simply allowed ourselves to act like kids.

We grabbed hot chocolate and coffee, we listened to music, lounged in our pajamas and then proceeded to “grip and rip” our presents.  After the carnage, you would have assumed some actual kids showed up.  It made it a bit easier to deal with our kids not being here with us.

Then, we headed over to my aunt’s house and joined cousins and their family as we had a different kind of carnage. We devoured turkey and ham and rolls and green beans and mashed potatoes and pecan pie!  Great time to just hang out with some terrific people.

Finally, we headed to the Cowboys/Cardinals game with a couple of friends and watched a real “barn burner.”  It was tremendous fun even though my team didn’t win in the end. A last second field goal sealed their fate. Drat!

But, I had a blast scarfing hot dogs and popcorn and yelling in support of my team.  There is so much energy in the building that its hard not to have a good time.

All this reminds me of a word that all kids understand: Fun! That’s right. Part of the reason that Jesus came to this planet was to give us fun! Life is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be exciting. There is supposed to be something like pure joy as we embrace Christmas. Kids get that easier than adults for some reason!

So, go have some fun! Christmas is a reminder of that! We were made to enjoy life. If you have forgotten how, just watch a kid for a little while.  After all Christmas is supposed to be merry!

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