Split second mistake

Mary and I are in sunny California this week!  Due to that fact I have had little access to the internet and little time to Blog.  We are too busy relaxing!

We are staying on the Coronado Island, which is really not an island but really is a peninsula since it is still connected to the mainland of San Diego. Regardless of what it is, it is beautiful! We are thankful to a couple of friends that gave us this opportunity to stay in their condo.

Yesterday, we explored the area first by foot and then by car. We traveled up and down the beach and allowed the sea air to work its magic. Watching the waves crash against the shore was definitely therapeutic.  I love the water and the emotional/spiritual “medicine” it provides.

We traveled later in the afternoon to Point Loma, beyond the Naval base up to the hilly point that overlooks the Pacific. We saw the old lighthouse and loved the view.  We studied a bit of the history of San Diego’s exploration.

We headed down just before sunset and I was in a hurry to get back to the beach in order to see the sun descending into the ocean. Traffic was heavy and I was impatient. Coming up the light where we needed to turn left to get back on the main road, I turned on a yellow/red light.

I saw the double flash and knew immediately what that meant. Caught! Awaiting our return from this visit will be a very expensive souvenir sitting in our mail box.  Ouch!

Do you recall making split second decisions that you later regret? You make a choice and realize after its too late that is was the wrong choice. I thought about it most of the night. Not just this choice born out of my impatience, but other similar bad choices in my life.

I wish I could go back to that moment or those series of moments and have a “do-over.”  But, that is impossible.  I can only suffer the consequences and learn! I am learning to make different choices next time.

Remember, life is full of split second decisions. Learn quickly my friends!

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  1. Chuck

    Wow! Didn’t realize you were out of town. Don’t get wet in sunny California.

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