Step out of the Traffic

So, again I did what I promised myself I wouldn’t do. I went back into the dreaded streets of our city fighting for my very life as I crept from block to block in search of that one special store with that one special gift.  I maneuvered from lane to lane as if I were in a NASCAR race.

Up to this point, I have avoided most of the hustle and bustle of the season. We are cutting back this year in order to give more away. We are trying to make a difference by giving money to help kids across the world get clean water.  (Check out more by going to

But, I did have some money given to us from our parents for Christmas and my wife had her heart set on a foyer table. Why we didn’t wait till after Christmas, I will never know. I guess I am in love! So, I prepared for war and headed out into the great unknown.

And, the store I needed to find was the situated in the most crowded 1 mile square in North Phoenix. It was a proverbial jungle on the roads. I was nearly hit by cars twice. I could feel my blood pressure go up with each excruciating block.

Something happens to me in the middle of this kind of car craziness. I become something I don’t even recognize. My Hyde comes out from hiding.

Here is what I discovered as I slowly made my way from lane to lane: Christmas is out of control! Now, don’t get me wrong. The real essence of Christmas is totally cool. But, the way everyone goes nuts this time of year is completely whacked.

I was more determined than ever to avoid the madness and have a simple Christmas. No more stores, no more shopping, no more driving into the “forbidden zones” of my city.  Give me a Charlie Brown tree and a cup of hot chocolate and a little Christmas music and I am good to go!

Its hard not to go with the flow like everyone else, but I am determined to beat the enemy. Honestly, I have already cut back and I am more content. Days like today remind me how important it is to beat back our natural tendencies and resist the current.

It isn’t easy but its worth it. The only way to focus on the most important parts of Christmas is to cut out the distractions. Be a rebel!

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