The customer is always right

I was on the way home and remembered I had some errands to run. I had to grab some stuff from a hardware store. So, I ventured into my favorite one and proceeded to get the items I needed.

I got to be honest. I was still a bit preoccupied with what had occurred today. I hadn’t particularly felt like a good leader today. I observed some errors in judgement I had made. Self discovery is hard work!

So, I wasn’t really paying as close attention to what I needed to get. I finally got more focused on the items I needed to purchase. One of the employees directed me toward the carts and I headed in to complete my work.

One of the things I needed to get was a garden hose. This particular store was doing some refurbishing of their garden area and so it was challenging to find the hose. The one I found didn’t have a price tag readily available so I went to the check out with my other purchases.

That is when I discovered that either garden hoses were a lot more expensive than the last time I picked one out or I picked up the wrong one. So, I traipsed back to the hoses and found another one.

This time I went up to the garden register to have the price checked. To my surprise and the surprise of the check out clerk, this hose rang up for 1 cent. I was prepared to take the hose back and retrieve another one that might have the correct price on it. She asked instead another employee and he said the magic words, “The customer is always right” and I received the hose for best markdown ever!

On the way over to my original purchases on the other side of the store, I picked up a set of batteries that I thought was marked for $5. It seemed too good to be true. Apparently, it was since it rang up for $13.88.  I told this new employee to take the batteries off my purchase list.

This time I figured I had simply seen the price incorrectly. Instead, she marked them down by $8.88. She didn’t say the words but it came through loud and clear: “The customer is always right.”

I decided two things tonight. First, I decided to always make that store my hardware store of choice. Secondly, I determined to make sure we as a church always treated our “customer” the way I was treated tonight.

I want to make sure we are always asking the question, how can we reach people more effectively or in other words, what do we need to do to consider the needs of those in our community. They may not always be “right” but we need to do the “right” thing if we want to lead them to freedom.

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