The Drive Home

On my drive home today, I observed some things that made me ponder:

I was in the left turn lane at a light that featured five different vertical lights and yet when it turned from red to green, it never gave me a left turn signal. Crazy!

I noted a young guy walking down the street with shorts that went down to his calves. Are those still shorts?

I noted a lane that suggested you could go right, left, or straight ahead.  Way too many choices for me.

I saw the weirdest desert tree ever with this tall, spindly looking thing growing out of a round bush. It looked like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. I had a strange urge for green ham.

I waited in a long line to go around something called a round-a-bout designed to help traffic move quicker. It didn’t.  I must have waited close to five minutes for my turn in this “time saver.”

I saw a few young teenage couples walking hand in hand down the side walk. Nice to see holding hands is still in style.

I call this blog, “Jim’s travels,” which is not just about traveling physically but traveling emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well. I realized again on my physical journey home today that there is a whole lot to see outside my window if I have eyes to see.

We miss so much when we fail to just pay attention to stuff around us. Look around. There are lessons to learn on your travels too!

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