Zoo animals

Mary and I are still in San Diego and really enjoying our time of rest and relaxation. It is an awesome break after Christmas and before the New Year hits.

Yesterday, we headed toward the famous San Diego Zoo. The last time we were there was with our kids over fourteen years ago!  I have to admit I was looking forward to walking around with Mary peering at the animals.

I am a big fan of the monkeys and the giraffes.  I am not sure why. I guess I can identify with the way the monkeys have to swing from one obstacle to the next and the giraffes are always sticking their necks out. Or, maybe I am over thinking this whole thing and I just think they are funny looking.

The most interesting animals at the zoo yesterday were the ones that walk on two legs. The crowds were humongous and we were pushed and prodded along the way. We spent tons of time waiting our turn to crowd around a cage observing animals who seemed to care less that we were there or not.

I got to the point I wondered who were really the animals in the zoo. Were we watching the animals or were the animals watching us? The nonchalant way the animals regarded us made me consider if the animals were silently laughing at us. Hmmm…

Sometimes we move from one thing to the next without really living. Are we caged or are we free? Something for us to think about as we end one year and head into another!

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