Scaling the mountain

I had the day off because this is a day we honor Martin Luther King, Jr.  I needed to pick up Mary around noon from the airport so had some time to kill.  I decided to go over to Camelback Mountain and climb up and think about Dr. King and his legacy.

I hate to admit that I hadn’t yet hiked this incredible Phoenix landscape. I have been to its base but had not gone any further. Today, that would change. I would spend some great moments in the hills praying and walking. I was looking forward to deep, inspiring thoughts.

So, I arrived my vehicle at the road that led to the parking area and all my hopes faded instantly. There were so many cars that I couldn’t even park on the road adjacent to the park area. In fact, there weren’t any parking areas anywhere near this point.

I drove a little further looking for off street parking but most of the street signs warned of tow trucks taking your vehicle to some far off lots if you even thought about parking there. I finally found a street without this threat and parked it.

I got out and started to walk the streets hoping to eventually get to the mountain. I could clearly see the hills and they looked beautiful. But, I could not find any clear way to leave the residential neighborhood and enter the foothills.

I saw some incredible scenery and was amazed by God’s creation. I also saw some lovely homes. But, I had to pick up Mary and time was short. I was reminded of that fact when I saw a license plate that read “outatime.”

I wonder if Dr. King were alive today, nearly 43 years after his death, if he would be happy about where we are in terms of racial equality, in terms of justice issues, and in terms of how we treat one another? Have we even reached the mountain or are we still wandering the neighborhood hoping to find our way to the top?

I wonder how long it will take for us to get there? Of course, the only way to truly fix these issues is a total heart change. We got to get it. After all, we are almost “outatime.”

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