A real pain

Pain. It is so difficult to deal with. For me, I am the type of person that puts it all out there. I feel intensely. But, this very thing about me is a real pain sometimes. I would rather not feel at times.

When others are struggling or hurting or messed up, I tend to be an emotional chameleon. In other words, I have real sympathy pains. I feel what they feel. Worse than that, I can often tell if they are hiding their real pain behind what they say is the problem.

This is a real bad kind of pain. It is not near as bad as the pain people who go through grief feel. But, it is bad since people can blame a whole lot of things on their pain and yet their emotions are directed toward something or someone else. It is the kind of pain that never really goes away.

I understand this because I can do the same thing from time to time. Honest emotions. They are much better. It doesn’t mean that the pain isn’t still there but at least its real and its focused. This kind of pain can be dealt with.

It may take time but healing is possible. The other kind of pain that is covered up under a disguise that we are all cool and good to go. ┬áBut, we aren’t.

We hurt and and hurting people hurt people. We strike out at maybe the very people who care the most about us. Take it from an emotional dude. It is much better to express real emotions toward the thing that causes the pain. Stop hiding. Get real!

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