Another Sunday Night

So, what do people like me do on Sunday night? The week is over. The “big day” of worship is over. The prep work that went into everything is done. So, what happens after it is all said and done.

For me, its a mixed bag. I often am exhausted. A great deal of emotional and physical energy has been expended. I am a social guy so I usually have spent a great deal of time with people by the time the week is over.

If I am not careful, there is a certain let down. Of course, I need some rest. I probably have some laundry to do. I may have some books to read or a movie to watch. Regardless, I am learning how to “re-energize.” I need to be refueled.

What refuels my tank? I have discovered that too much “rest” doesn’t do it. I actually think too much and become overly critical. Again, I am an extrovert and I gain a bunch of energy from people.

Usually, I need to have part of the afternoon or evening with people. These folks need to be “safe,” or in other words, people who actually add something positive to my life. That might involve taking a walk with my wife or getting together with some friends and laughing and playing games.

The point is to find out what really is “rest” for me. I try to avoid looking at too many emails or looking to much at next week’s calendar. I need to pause and appreciate what has happened already.

I need to relish the moment.  I need to remember to celebrate, life and family and relationship with God. All these things rejuvenate me. They bring me back to living moment by moment. Then and only then, am I ready for another day, another week.

What about you? Find the peace of this moment!

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