Alright, so I have not blogged for a few nights because I have had zero time. I came home both of the last two nights exhausted emotionally and physically. Nothing left in the tank.

Weeks like this where I absolutely fail to have any margin reminds me to do something about it. I realize that I have overbooked myself. The reason I do that is because I am afraid to let people down. I figure “they need me.”

But, here’s the thing. When I fill up each day with more than I can possibly accomplish well, I end up doing some things half way. That isn’t a great thing with tasks but it is really lousy with people. That means I am actually letting them down by not trying to let them down. Does that even make sense?

The thing I need to learn is how this is more about me than it is about me. I am the one who is failing to set time boundaries. They aren’t “taking my time.” I am giving it away. Or, in other words, I need to remember I am responsible for me, my choices, my actions.

So, I am making some new choices. I am establishing new boundaries. I am realizing it is the best for me and the people I care about.

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