I hate being sick. The main definition is being affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function. I am sure I would not recommend it since it is a lousy way to take a “day off.”

It could also lead to another unfortunate phenomenon: ejecting ┬áthe contents of the stomach through the mouth which has other names including “throwing up” or “hurling” which should not be confused with “curling” which is a strange olympic sport on ice resembling shuffle board.

But, I digress. Getting sick is not as fun as someone being “sick” as in that he or she is pretty cool or awesome. But, my body had other ideas. I should have seen it coming. My wife was ill over the weekend and apparently she decided to pass the “good stuff” onto me. Same symptoms. Same bug.

So, what I have, these germs, must be contagious. I can pass them onto others. It’s easy. I could sneeze on them or shake their hand or maybe even be in the same room with them. Those little microscopic dudes will happily move from my neighborhood to theirs.

Why isn’t it that easy with our relationship with Christ? Why doesn’t it pass along like that? Why aren’t we more contagious? Great questions.

The thing I learn from sickness like this is that “catching it” is easy and natural. It’s time for us to make our relationship with Jesus so natural that it is easier for folks to catch it from us. Let’s pass on the spiritual “germs.”

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