It all goes back in the box

Yesterday, I took down the Christmas decorations. I was not feeling well in the morning so stayed home but felt better by the afternoon to help my wife out and take care of this horrible task while she was at work.

I say “horrible” because it is a sad job. It is a whole lot more fun putting up the decorations and watching them all month and remembering Christmases from the past. It produces some cool nostalgia and begins the excitement that continues through Christmas and even to New Year’s Day since it is still the holiday time.

But, after it is all over, you get this feeling of emptiness. All the preparations, all the anticipation is concluded. It’s over! It seems like putting the decorations away is kind of like something that is necessary like a yearly physical but isn’t something most of us sign up for willingly.

In fact, normally, we put it off as long as we can. Wow, it would be cool to have a humongous closet we could simply stuff it all in without putting it all back in the box.

And yet, I discovered that it all fit back in the box. I had to shift a few things and collapse few others, but it somehow went back into its place. And, hopefully, next year I won’t be untangling tons of lights.

It all goes back in the box. Interesting concept. Does that apply to other parts of our lives? I think it does. There is a place for everything that really matters but not for everything.

We have to decide what is really important. If we keep “buying” more and more “decorations” then eventually we will run out of room to store it all. What really is important means we have to ask what isn’t.

Will it all go back in the box, at least the box that God wants to help us create? Think about it and then decide what stays and what goes.

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