More unrest in the world. This time in Egypt. Protest. Rebellion. Frustration. The people are asking for the current president to step down. They want a new regime. They want freedom from what they call tyranny.

In the middle of all of this is the United States. We are uncertain whose side we are on. Who do we support? The regime we have supported for thirty years or the popular opinion of the people?

Regardless of the answer, you have to understand the desire to protest. Martin Luther King stood up and said that racism must die. He believed so much in his message of peace that folks who disagreed with him used violence to try to silence him. It didn’t work. The protest continued.

We as a people understand protest. Back in the day, before we were a nation, we protested the English rule of us and had an impromptu tea party. We stood up and stood out. We became a nation.

Then, if you go back a bit further to through the history of the Christian story, Martin Luther started a whole protest of the church’s practices. He nailed a bunch of statements on a door and walked away from the church that had lost its way to start a movement of people who loved God more.

I guess if you think about it, the ultimate protester was Jesus. He came to this planet and started a revolution. He didn’t start a war or kill anyone. He simply shared a message of freedom and peace and died to back it up.

I don’t know if this current protest in Egypt is good or not. I am convinced a lot of innocent people will probably suffer as a result. I hate to see the violence.

But, I can’t fault the reason people say they are protesting, their desire for freedom. We can all understand that since that is something we all desire.

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