Secret stuff

Financial stress. That is what we have been looking at in our discussions on Sundays. It is something many of us struggle with but hate to admit. In fact, we really don’t like talking about it at all.

Most people I know would rather talk about any other subject other than money. It’s private after all. It is as if we have a big closed door that is over this subject that says, “Do not disturb.”

I know that it is an area that I have had difficulty in my past. I have depended on credit too much and gotten myself into trouble. Stuff breaks. Things need to be replaced. New items to purchase. And, lack of restraint. All these factors were a recipe for disaster.

Of course, nobody likes to admit that they also have made similar mistakes. So, perhaps, I am the only one. But, somehow I doubt it. I am pretty confident that others have made foolish choices. But, we better keep that to ourselves. How embarrassing!

This is the real issue actually. Keeping secrets. Avoiding truth. Hiding. If we could just learn that something only has power over us when we allow it to become taboo to talk about.

We instead need to get real and deal with it. We need to open up to people we can trust. We need to ask for help. And once, we do, freedom becomes possible.

So, stop pretending that “everything is OK.” It isn’t and we might as well admit it. After all, the likelihood is that others have faced or are facing something similar.

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