Something is rotten!

Today, I went to the refrigerator to grab a sandwich and found some flat bread (similar to tortillas). It had a strange color: green. I quickly discerned that it was not something I wanted to use to make a turkey wrap.

I know that mold is helpful with things like penicillin and other medicines but I am not a big fan when it comes to my food. It is usually an indicator that this item will not be good for me to eat.

It is another example of something that was kept too long and spoiled. It probably isn’t the only specimens in our ice box. There are a few suspicious closed containers that might present some interesting discoveries.

Things spoil if not used in their proper time or for their purposes. That doesn’t just pertain to food items. That is also true of relationships or our plans. If we fail to apply them properly, they will spoil. We can’t just “put a cap on it” and hope it will be fine.

I was thinking about this when I saw on the news today that another senseless shooting had occurred in our country. This time it was in Tucson, resulting in 5 deaths and the possibility of another one. A congress woman was the apparent target is still in critical condition.

The man who apparently committed this hideous crime is only 22 years old. I wonder what drove him to do this? I wonder what “spoiled” in his life that caused this young guy to make this choice to take the lives of others?

If only we could figure it out. If only we could find a way to get inside the hearts and minds of folks before they screwed up the life of others and their own lives. It makes our mission as Christ followers to share the message of freedom even more critical. The clock is ticking. There are no lids. Lives are at stake!

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