One of the things I did today was to volunteer in a 2nd grade class room at one our local elementary schools. It has been a long time since I got a chance to hang out with 7-8 year olds for an hour and a half. They are very intelligent, creative, and full of energy. They scared me half to death!

Well, maybe not really. But, they were a bit, shall we say stretching! I was asked by the teacher to spend some time with four students who must have needed a little extra attention. Mainly, we got to know each other. I read a book to them and played a few games with them. And we talked.

One other activity that we were involved in involved white paper and scissors. After yesterday’s run in with the sharp end of one of those things, I was a bit leery. But, the kids assured me everything would be alright.

The assignment was to make snowflakes. I stood there looking at my paper having no recollection how to make these creations. Now, I know that I made them when I was a kid a million years ago, but I couldn’t remember how to go about it.

Maybe I have lived too long in the desert and forgotten what a snow flake looks like. Regardless, the kids came to my rescue and they shared with me how to make it happen. The “teacher” became the student. My snowflake actually looked pretty good.

I tried to recover some modicum of respect by talking to them about how unique each snowflake is. No two are alike. And quickly added that they too were unique. Each of the kids are one of a kind.

It really is true. Each of those kids is unique. They are special. They were made by God and are totally different form each other. They are one of a kind!

I like to remember that not only about snowflakes and children but about everyone on this planet including me. When I think about that it makes me smile. Thank goodness not everyone is like me. And thank goodness God likes me just the way I am. Pretty cool stuff!

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