2nd graders

I spent the morning with 2nd graders.  Here are the top ten things I learned from them:

1. Smile with your whole face.

2. It’s OK to hold your teacher’s hand.

3. Experience everything the day gives to you with abandonment.

4. Hug others freely.

5. Cry when you hurt and laugh… all the time.

6. Learning can be fun.

7. Sing loudly.

8. All it takes to start a party are a few balloons.

9. Learning is better when you do it with friends.

10. Snack time is an important part of each day.

If we take some time, we can all learn incredible things from kids. Maybe that is why Jesus says we need to become like kids in order to enter His Kingdom.  Take some time to watch how kids act and imitate them!

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