Famous Guys

President’s Day gave me some time to take a breather and re-energize a bit. A great day to hang out with my family checking out the downtown region of Phoenix, eating at Friday’s at the Diamondback stadium. Fantastic view and tremendous bread sticks!

Stopped by for a little shopping at Saver’s, a local thrift store. Crazy busy due to a 50 % off sale. Came home and played a little Wii golf with my dad. Finished the day with some great New York Strip prepared by “yours truly” on the grill.

Now that night has fallen, grooving to some tunes while the rest of the gang is playing a game in the living room. Satisfying! Fun stuff! Love my fam!

Back in my childhood, we had two days. One for Washington and one for Lincoln. Those two guys had incredible influence in our country. One of the signs of how famous they are is how many places they appear.

Washington appears on the quarter and the one dollar bill meaning we probably look at his face every day. Lincoln counters with the penny, something that is becoming a bit obsolete since there are not many things you can buy for a penny. But, he comes on strong with people’s affections with the five dollar bill.

There are 42 cities and towns named Lincoln in the U.S.  Washington claims 27 cities and towns. Washington however has the capitol and a state that gives it a significant edge in notoriety.  Both have countless streets and parks and schools named after them across this country.

Both dudes get some serious nods for longevity by being carved into the side of Mount Rushmore. One has a huge monument in DC while the other has an impressive memorial. Lincoln has a car company named after him and Washington has sports teams. Washington has a bridge and Lincoln has a tunnel.

The list could go on and on. The main thing to note about this two fellows is that they both made huge sacrifices for this country to be what it has become.

They stood for freedom and had to weather two horrific wars fought on this country’s soil. They were not afraid to boldly stand in the face of tyranny in order to gain justice for their people. Pretty impressive resumes really!

So, the next time you throw a penny on the counter of the gas station for the next guy or buy something off the dollar menu at McDonald’s, don’t forget that the men whose face adorns these items, paid a huge price in order to make your life what it is today.

Maybe, President’s Day should mean a bit more than simply enjoying a day off. Maybe, time with family was purchased by these guys and others like them who gave their blood, sweat and tears. Pretty special day, really!

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