More than Hollywood

Mary and I watched one of the countless romantic movies tonight put out by Hollywood these days. And I have to admit. It left me depressed. The drama of each relationship. The frustration of unmet expectations. The constant lies. Check out some of the scenarios:

Guy meets girl. Girl falls for guy. Guy never calls. Girl waits by a phone that never rings.

Guy marries girl. Girl thinks guy is the best husband ever. Guy sees other girl. Guy realizes other girl is hot and that he was “forced” into marriage. Guy sleeps with other girl. Girl leaves husband. Guy ends up all alone.

Guy lives with girl. Girl wants a ring. Guy says a ring doesn’t matter. Guy says he’s not afraid of commitment just doesn’t like marriage. Girl leaves guy.

Guy loves girl. Girl uses guy. When all else fails girl runs to guy. Guy pines for girl. Girl is fooling guy and herself.

Girl goes out with guy. Guy calls girl with a message that speaks of his love. Girl swoons. Guy accidentally calls girl the name of another girl he is seeing. Girl is all alone.

There are countless other examples. Oh yeah, in the end there are some happy endings in the movie but it all feels so tragic to me.

Why do we put so much hope in relationships with the opposite sex? Why are they filled with unrealistic expectations? Why do we think that the other person will solve all our problems? Why do we become someone we are not simply to try to get the other person to be ours?

I know I sound totally unromantic. In reality, I am a hopeless romantic. My wife will tell you that I love “wooing” her still. Mary is awesome and I am totally blessed beyond all reason to have her in my life.

But, she can’t meet “all” my needs. She does not provide my identity. She definitely enhances my life and I think I would be lost without her but I am already complete.

That was settled when I decided to start a relationship with my creator. And, in a beautiful way, God enhances my relationship with Mary. Cool stuff. Nothing like the movies depict. In fact, the movies wouldn’t use it. It is way too real, too vulnerable, too honest.

God, the great romancer himself, has wooed me to himself and has given me life and love. Because of this fact, I can understand what love can look like. I am able to give myself to another person in a love relationship that is more than a Hollywood movie. Don’t settle for anything less!

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