Spring Training

Today we went out to the ballpark. I was with my brother and my daughter and we decided to head out for a Spring Training game in Goodyear. My favorite team the Cincinnati Reds were playing.

Well, actually they were supposed to be playing but by the time we got to the 6th inning, they were already down 8-0. I guess they forgot to show up.

But, it was a beautiful day and the beautiful Estrella Mountain range was in the background. It was beautiful, sunshine day with the temperature topping off at 73 degrees.

Spring training is all about getting ready for the regular season. Each of the teams currently has about 40 players but not all of them will make the roster.

Some of them are young and are trying to make it in the “big leagues” for the first time while some have been around the block a few times and are trying to get connected with a team for one last chance. So, these games are critical for these players.

It soon became apparent how some of these guys are maybe a little tight as they try to prove themselves. Errors were made. Little patience was shown when they were batting.

“Spring training” also can describe how we get ready for life stuff. We need to gain some experience in facing tuff stuff in order to be ready for the really tuff stuff that will be coming down the road.

Sometimes in the middle of the training, we stop doing the things we need to do in order to make it through. We fail to learn how to rely on the Lord in the small stuff in order to trust Him in the big stuff.

So, make the most of the small things you face each day. Let God train you for whatever is coming next. Learn how to trust Him every day and you will be ready for whatever may come in the future!

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