Weather or not

Weather craziness. That is what it sounds like to me. They are calling it “the blizzard of OZ” in my old home town of KC. The land of BBQ is today known as the land of cold temperatures and snow. Flights have been cancelled, highways have been closed, and kids are home from school.

My son and daughter-in-law are in Chicago which has registered the third largest recorded snowfall on record at over 20 inches. They are snowed in. Here are some guys in the Windy city shoveling out from under it.

Doesn’t look like a lot of fun to me. They are even concerned in Dallas where the Super Bowl will be played this weekend that he crazy temperatures can affect the game. Big D may have the world’s largest video screen, but what they really need and won’t probably get in the next four days is a heat wave.

Even here in the valley, we are experiencing below average temperatures delaying the start of the Phoenix Open today. By morning, the temperature will dip to 29 degrees here in the valley of the “sun.”

OK, I shouldn’t complain since the temperature will also raise by Saturday to 70 degrees. But, I have to admit, it feels a bit cold tonight and frost warnings may play havoc with our new tree in our front yard.

Here is the thing. This is all out of our control. For all our attempts to regulate our lives and determine our future, there is so much we can’t determine, like the weather.

It all just humbles me. I feel very small in these moments. It gives me a moment of clarity. I realize how much tomorrow is ultimately beyond my grasp. I need someone much bigger to help me through the day. I need the one who is bigger than the weather.  Good to know!

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