Good News

We are starting a new journey today at our church. It is a 40 day journey we are calling “Can you See Him?” We are looking at Jesus through the book of Luke. We will be examining the life of Jesus and how His life affects our lives.

I have been caught up with thoughts this week as I looked at the beginning of Jesus’ mission about what Jesus came to bring. He came to bring good news.

This is important to realize. He came to bring good news not semi-good news; not fairly good news; not even really OK news.

It is supposed to be good news! That is something beyond the norm. And yet, so many of us live as if it is just average news. The reason many people don’t want what we have to offer is because the news we bring just ain’t good enough.

Part of the reason this is true is because we have been caught up in stuff that steals our joy. We have lost the realness of God’s presence with us. We get stuck!

One of my favorite coaches was Sparky Anderson, former coach of the Cincinnati Reds. One of his quotes was “I’ve got my faults, but living in the past is not one of them There’s no future in it.”

I think that may be why some Christ followers I know aren’t living life to the fullest. They are living in the past. They have been convinced by the enemy that nothing has changed.

They have forgotten that Christ gives us a new life. But, the old life still clings to us sometimes. It is kind of like an old pair of clothes that we need to discard. The problem is that we have been convinced that we still need those old clothes so we fail to tear them up and burn them up and throw them away.

As Sparky said it, “there’s no future in living in the past.” There is too much God has to offer us. After all, Christ brings good news!

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