The other day I mentioned being bored. The question is, “What causes boredom?” I mean it is something I have heard a lot over the years. My kids used to say it quite a bit, “I am bored.”

Of course that often came at times when they had a bucket full of toys and electronic gizmos to preoccupy their time. How can we be bored when we have so many cool things we can do?

So where does boredom come from? The dictionary definition says that being bored means something is dull or uninteresting but that doesn’t explain why it occurs.

It is especially confusing when it occurs when it appears like there are plenty of good things to do. How can we become so easily bored?

I guess the more I think about it, the more I realize the real source of boredom. It came to me as I think about the people I have met in third world countries. Many of them have a smile on their faces in the midst of tremendous obstacles. I have met kids are laughing even when they are playing soccer without shoes. What is that all about?

Here is the key: Gratefulness. People who should be distressed and full of despair are not and those who should be thrilled with life are not. When we are truly people of gratitude then boredom slips away.

You see when we realize how blessed or how lucky we are to be alive, to have the relationships we have, to have some of the comforts we possess, we should respond with thankfulness. We should be grateful!

And when we are truly grateful, we have less time and energy to complain. We stop seeing dullness and we see opportunity. We embrace life with all the curve balls it may throw our way. We simply experience it all with a fullness in our hearts. Bored? No way!

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