Day 1: Complete the journey

I started the 40 day journey this morning by deciding to detox my body from sugar and caffeine. Not an easy task! Can you say headaches and cravings! But, I am doing it in order to see Jesus better. I won’t give up!

I also started reading the book of Luke this morning. The first reading is from Luke 1:1-25. I read about the parents of John the Baptist, Zechariah and Elizabeth.

The thing about it is that it almost didn’t happen. I mean Elizabeth was an old woman and was barren. In other words, she couldn’t have kids. I am not sure how old she was.

The Bible just says she was “very old.” I guess the interpretation would be dependent on who was sharing the “very old” observation. If it was a ten year old kid, “very old” could be 35.

But, I think we can safely assume that she was like Sarah from the Old Testament who was 90 when she had her first child, the promised child. She was past the age when women normally had kids.

Getting back to Elizabeth, I wonder what she must have felt like once she finally became pregnant. Up to that point, she would have seen herself as less than a woman. In her society, a woman was made complete in having children.

So, it stands to reason that Elizabeth felt pretty lost most of her adult life. She probably hoped for decades to have a child until it finally became unrealistic. Painful stuff.

I have talked with many women over the years including my own sister who wanted to have children and could not. It is so difficult to watch them go through this kind of torture.

My sister felt incomplete. She had so much love to give to a child and longed to have a child of her own.

Each time my wife became pregnant, we were uncertain what to tell her! Our good news would be hard for her to embrace. We struggled to share with her our happiness knowing it would be another stake in her heart.

It is hard to keep moving in the face of such obvious obstacles. I get that. In fact tonight my daughter and I hiked Camelback Mountain and there were several moments I wanted to head back. It was painful! I wanted to quit! But, we pushed forward and finally made the summit! Wow! What a view! I would have missed it if I had given up.

My sister and her husband eventually adopted a child and they love her completely! Others I know may have not gotten pregnant like Elizabeth eventually but they have not given up.

They adopt or they have foster kids or they simply show love to other kids. Regardless, they are not incomplete. They are made complete by completing God’s plan wherever it may lead. The key is not giving up until we reach the summit. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it!

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