Day 11: Right where I left it

I hate losing things. Sometimes I lose things that are right under my nose… literally! I have been looking for my glasses only to eventually find them on my head. Crazy getting old!

The latest lost item were some birthday cards I had just received in the mail. I looked for them everywhere. The place “I knew” I put the cards was strangely vacant.

I started looking in other normal places those crazy cards could have wandered off to; the kitchen drawers, the food cabinet, the refrigerator. Obviously, the cards were hungry.

So, I went to other places; under beds, in clothes drawers, desk drawers, laundry hamper, the cars, and more. I even had to check all the trash cans inside the house. That didn’t work so I looked in the ones outside the house.

In my zealousness to leave no stone unturned, I even went through one of the plastic bags I found. Unfortunately, it happened to be the bag my wife brought home from watching 1 and 2 year olds at church. Can you say “diaper?” Yuck!

I finally found the cards in one of the first places I looked. I couldn’t believe it. I looked one more time in the drawer and found the cards.

So, today, I was reading in Luke 7 today and was struck by the Roman officer and his faith. He understood the authority of Jesus. He was willing to take his word for it when he said his sick servant would get well.

He was confident Jesus had authority over life and death. So, he reasoned, Jesus’ word was enough.

It is an interesting contrast to John the Baptist’s questioning if Jesus was really who they thought he was. He expressed extreme question marks about the one who once said, “I am not worthy to untie his shoes.”

John knew jesus was supposed to be the Messiah but Jesus didn’t act quite the way he thought he would. And John was languishing in a jail which had stolen some of his direction.

He kind of lost his way… for a little while. He had to come back to who Jesus really was… the one who has authority over life and death. He needed to find his center once more. He needed to trust his heart!

Sometimes we lose that certain something that is right where we thought it would be. We just have to look again! And we will find something we thought we lost but was right there all the time!

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