Day 13: I can dance!

Last night Mary and I went dancing. Now, I am not the world’s greatest dancer; in fact, I would say that I am hoping I can some day get a “dance” transplant. That would be cool to become “Fred Astaire” over night!

But, it was worse than that. This place was an old honky tonk that played only country music. First, I am not crazy about country music and secondly, I have not idea how to “dance country.”

It was a cool place with a whole lot of character. Before I knew, Mary and I were out of the dance floor trying to not look too out of place. We watched a few other couples do their thing and learned a couple of somewhat easy steps.

Many of these other couples moved like they had been dancing together for years. They anticipated each other’s moves. They had a variety of country dance moves and had such confidence in what they were doing.

Don’t get me wrong. I was barely able to keep from stepping on Mary’s toes, at least no more than four of five times in the dance. But, eventually, we got to a place we started to move the same way. We were able to stop looking at our feet and started to enjoy ourselves.

In Luke 8, Jesus is going across the lake with his disciples. A storm breaks out. Jesus is unconcerned. In fact, he is asleep in the bottom of the boat. The disciples on the other hand are freaked out!

Eventually Jesus wakes up, calms the storm and questions the disciples about their faith. Here is basically what is happening. The disciples are learning to dance!

When Mary and I dance, she has a hard time letting me lead. But, I am supposed to lead. That is my role. We are working on it. We will get it and then, watch out!

The disciples are learning to let Jesus take the lead. They are still looking at their feet. They are forgetting how to lead to make the dance work. Jesus is teaching them not only how to “dance” but how to get to the point they even enjoy it!

Life with Jesus is supposed to be a beautiful dance. We were designed to move with him as he sways to the music. It may take some time but our staggering steps will someday be a wonderful waltz!

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