Day 15: Helpless?

Do you know what the definition of helpless is? It is wanting so badly to help someone and yet being unable to do it. I have felt that way often in my life and ministry. I have even felt it even with my kids. I want them so badly to be well!

It is one thing when it is something you can treat. Maybe you can take the ones you care about to the hospital. Or, maybe you can find some kind of medicine to give them. Or, even maybe find a cure.

But, what happens when it isn’t something you can do anything about? Maybe it isn’t something physical but something internal. It may not be much different from the physical situation but in some ways it is more frustrating.

There are no pills to take to make it all better. You can’t do surgery on the offensive area. At least, it isn’t something you can do for the other person. In these kinds of situations, you can’t do it for the other person. They have to choose it for themselves.

I was reading in Luke 9 today and read the classic story concerning Jesus feeding the 5000. There comes a part where Jesus tells the disciples to feed the people. There are so many people that need to be fed that the disciples must be really frustrated.

But, in reality they don’t have to feed them. They just have to find the initial food and present it to the people. Jesus does the rest. But, and here’s what has to happen: the people have to eat it!

For some reason, that takes some of the pressure off. My job isn’t to get people well. I just have to offer the medicine that Jesus offers. And, of course, they still have to choose to eat it.

But, the key is this: God can heal the inside! We just have to eat!

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