Day 2: Stay Hungry

Today, I was reading in Luke 1 about Mary and the birth of Jesus. Great story! I am so impressed with Mary’s strength in the midst of incredible odds. She hears about what is about to happen to her and is at first hesitant.

Surely, they picked the wrong person. After all, she is probably about 14 years old and is still getting used to the idea that she will soon be married.

But, by the end of the conversation, she is all in! She basically says, “I am God’s woman. Bring it on!” Wow! That is powerful stuff for someone that young. We begin to get a glimpse of why she was chosen to be the mother of the son of God!

It is amplified in the song she shares. She is a pretty good writer of music. Not sure if it’s a rap or some other kind of music but it gets the point across for sure.

She basically praises God for choosing her. She sees herself as a common girl who gets the privilege of this huge honor. She then goes on for awhile proclaiming how big God is!

She talks about the past and how He has done some incredible things. She remembers how merciful He has been to not only her but also her ancestors. She also highlights how he can take down those who are proud if they refuse to humble themselves.

One of the parts of her song that really hits me the hardest is the part where she says, “He has filled the hungry with good things and sent the rich away with empty hands.” I reflected on that a bunch this morning.

You see I want to never forget to “stay hungry!” She’s not talking about grabbing a deep dish pizza with all the dripping cheese and sauce and shoving it down you throat.

This is a phrase used often by sport’s dudes who want to make sure they don’t grow too satisfied by last year’s achievements. It is also important to me as a follower of Christ.

It is easy for me to think I have it all together and have grown to a certain level. I can easily think after years of following Christ that I have learned all the lessons. Not so! There are times I feel as if I have so far to go. I wonder if I will ever get there!

That is what it means to stay hungry. We have to remember how much more we need, how far we still have to go! No matter what we have learned, we still have miles and miles and miles to go!

So, my friends stay hungry! After all, if you do, you will be filled with good things!!

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