Day 3: Christmas in March

I looked up tonight at the light above my desk and spotted a small creature scurrying around inside. It was my first glimpse this season of your friendly neighborhood scorpion. I am not big into these little varmints. I eventually introduced the dude to my shoe.

It wasn’t just about the appearance of a scorpion that concerned me. Nor, the fact that it was directly over my head contemplating multiple ways to make my life miserable by falling on top of me at the wrong times which would be just about any time.

It was also what it represented. It won’t be long till the hot weather hits and plenty of those dudes will be around. Bad news!

I was reading today in Luke and read a part of the story that I usually only read at Christmas. I read about the birth of Jesus. I usually get caught up in all the mystery of the event.

This time I was caught up in these words: “Good News!” “Great Joy!” “Peace on earth!” It was a declaration of something incredible happening. Jesus brought all of these things in his birth.

He created news that was easy to spread. People would experience something that nothing else can bring them; something they are searching for all their lives: peace and joy! That is way cool news!

It’s easy to know what is not good news. I am pretty sure scorpions over your desk qualifies. Bad news is something most of us know. We need to get more comfortable with good news.

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  1. Miki Toutges

    Good Morning Pastor Jim! The Good News is that you saw the scorpion and sent it “on its way.” I’m thinking the Bad News would have been not seeing the scorpion at all.
    Side Note…I’ve heard that shining a “black light” (remember the 70’s) in a dark room will illuminate the critters so you know where they are and can send them “on their way.”
    May this day bring you promise and joy!

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