Day 4: More than we think we are

Today, the NCAA Basketball Tournament kicked off in earnest. I love this time of year. March madness. Great stuff! There was even a huge upset today.

I love the underdog teams that aren’t in a major conference beating one of the big boys. It is an awesome thing when they show the world that they are more than people think they are. No one has really heard about them. That doesn’t matter as long as they believe in themselves.

Today, I was reading about Jesus and his adventure when he was 12. He loses track of his family and they lose track of him. So, he is left behind in Jerusalem.

Mindy, our youngest daughter reminded us about the time she was left behind during one of our trips. Apparently, we lost track of her when we were traveling with other family members. We thought she was in the other vehicle.

We quickly recovered and didn’t have to face some kind of “home alone” scenario. We got back to her and all was good. But, she was pretty scared.

In this situation, Jesus was apparently oblivious to his parents being gone. In fact, he had no idea he had been separate from them for three days! If I was Mary and Joseph, I would have been really ticked off! He would have lost his walkman at the very least.

Jesus’ excuse was a pretty good one I think. He shared that he needed to be in His father’s house. They didn’t know who he really was. They hadn’t yet realized what he was capable of, who he really was.

Perhaps we have failed to realize who we really are. If we don’t believe in ourselves then who will?

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