Day 5: I made the list!

I was reading today chapter three of Luke and came to some names that I have not heard of. These are not dudes that have been highlighted in the list of faith heroes. In fact, these guys don’t even get an honorable mention.

I mean have you heard of a guy named Arni? He was the son of Hezron who was the son of Perez who was the son of Judah. So, that makes him the great, great, great, great grandson of Abraham.

Other than that the only thing he has to show for himself was the fact that he has a cool name. It was also the moniker for the character on Happy Days (Arnold) who owned Arnold’s Drive In, the local teenager hangout.

By the way, that wasn’t really the name for this Asian born character played by Pat Morita. OK, enough with the trivia from one of my favorite shows from my ten years.

But, here’s the most important thing about this guy named “Arni.” He was one of the guys who was in the same paragraph as another guy named “Jesus.” Pretty cool to be included in the list of the ancestors of Jesus.

It is critical to remember that not only did an obscure guy named “Arni” make the list but so did you and me. We are part of the lineage. We are related to Jesus too by blood… his blood! Don’t ever forget it!

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