Day 8: Out of Control

Yesterday, I decided to take a rest break from blogging. It was Sunday after all, the day of rest. Supposedly. Usually, I am so busy I need to take my “Sabbath rest” another time of the week.

Anyway, today started with rain that lasted most of the day. I also had jury duty. We looked at a bunch of cases today and I was amazed by a couple of common threads.

First, today proved again the old proverb, “Nothing good happens after midnight.” Most of the cases occurred after the “bewitching” hour. There obviously is a reason God made day to be a time to live and work and night was a time to sleep.

Secondly, a bunch of people’s issues surround their over indulgence in alcohol. So many bad things happen with people getting out of hand or people hurting others or people causing vehicle mayhem due to this misuse.

People get out of control and lose their ability to make good decisions. They hurt those they care about and they hurt themselves.

Interestingly, Jesus uses an illustration of wineskins and wine in Luke 5 to get at the key to getting in control of our lives. He says that you can’t put new wine in old wineskins. But, what does that mean?

It means that we must have something change on the inside in order for God to affectively change our lives. We can’t just go to church or even read the Bible and it will do the trick. Our lives will still be out of control.

The only way for our lives to be in control is when He is in control. We have to turn it all over to Him. We become new! Then, He can begin to fill us up with those new things we need to make our lives complete.

Want your life in control? Give Him control!

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