Seeking truth

This weekend, we had a consulting group in that is helping us become more successful in reaching our mission as a church. They had some real specific suggestions for us. It was a great weekend!

Initially, it was hard to admit that we might need some other outside perspective. The reasoning is that we should be able to deal with this ourselves. After all, we are smart enough and bold enough and passionate enough about the mission!

We should be able to get it done. But, sometimes outside eyes can see things better than we can. So, we determined to ask for help from folks who see things we may miss.

It got me thinking about our personal lives. Sometimes we need to humble ourselves and listen to others we trust help us make strategic moves. That is not easy for us as people. After all, we are smart and passionate enough and bold enough to handle our own stuff!

Here’s the thing. We all need outside perspective. We need to admit that others can sometimes see things we may miss in our lives. We need accountability. We need people we trust to come alongside of us. We may miss it without them. They speak truth to us.

As Milton said, “No man is an island.” We need honest, trustworthy people in our lives. If we are going to reach our mission in life, we need assistance. We need to seek for it wherever it can be found!

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