Day 19: Life’s hike

I climbed to the top of North Mountain today. North Mountain is not a long hike. Round trip only about 1.6 miles. But, going uphill still is going uphill and when you are my age, there is a whole lot of huffing and puffing to get there.

Whew! I have a long way to go to become a real hiker who doesn’t get winded just getting out of the car! The summit is 2194 feet high. Not bad. I had a mean view of the entire Phoenix area.

The problem occurred on the way down. Being a real Robert Frost fan, I stayed in touch with his famous poem and take the “less traveled road.” The issues came up when the less traveled path became no path at all.

I started to be my own trail blazer. In fact, nobody else was on this journey with me. So, I walked over slippery, sliding rocks as I made my way downhill, hoping the path would reappear. I also was wondering what might be slithering underneath some of the rocks and rubble…

I kept moving down the hill convinced that I would eventually get to the bottom of it, hopefully still unscathed. I finally made it down the hill without being stuck by too many cacti or being bitten by any critters. Good news to be sure!

Today, I was reading in Luke 11 the words of Jesus as an encouragement to our prayer times. He says to keep on seeking, keep on asking and keep on knocking. In other words, if we persevere in our desire to connect with God, He will answer!

Sometimes, it will seem like a long uphill walk and at other times it will seem like a downhill slide. Regardless, stick with it! God is worth seeking! He will respond. In fact, I am convinced He already has but we may not yet have discerned His voice from all the other noise around us.

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