Day 20: No dark corners!

No dark corners! That is what I read today in Luke 11. Jesus is referencing the fact that when His light is in us, we radiate light! There are no dark corners. Everything in our lives is an open book, a book full of Jesus!

I was thinking about this idea of light when I came across this picture. It is a pix of the classic “seeing the light at the end of a tunnel.” The idea is that the end of a “dark time” is coming.

My dad likes to talk about making sure the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train. I think sometimes we feel like that. We feel as if we are moving from the darkness to something even more scary or crazy.

What Jesus was talking about was how His light in our lives actually chases away the darkness. In fact, he provides light even while we are in the tunnel. It’s great to get to the end of the tunnel and see the daylight of course. It’s great to move out of the dark stuff.

But, what Jesus meant was that His presence actually brings light to places that are still dark. Or, in other words His light makes the darkness appear like light. Pretty cool, right?

Sure, a train could be coming. You could be moving from one dark place to something that appears like light but is a camouflage for something not so good. No worries! Jesus will be there regardless!

And, his light is not just with us. It’s in us! So, the darkness from the outside can’t get inside of us. His light won’t allow it! So, let it radiate! Let His light chase away the shadows inside. Let His light take away the stuff inside that holds you back, holds you down. Let His light burst out so others can see too!

When you do that, it won’t matter so much if you are in a tunnel or in the bright sunshine. You will never be without the light!

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