Day 24: Narrow Doors

I remember when my wife and I were first married, we went on our Honeymoon to a place called “Wisconsin Dells.” It really is not the hot spot for honeymoons. But, at the time it was the cheapest and quickest trip we could take. We had limited money and time!

The Dells is pretty much your average tourist trap. One of our expensive meals was over at Paul Bunyan’s where we sat with another six people we didn’t know to eat out off of tin plates and drink out of tin cups. Can you say romantic?

We did have some fun excursions including the Tommy Bartlett Ski Show and the trip into the caverns. Specifically, we went through one area called “Fat man’s squeeze.” Not very politically correct. Bottom line, all of us had to turn sideways in order to get… our bottoms through.

So, I was thinking about that trip and this narrow opening in the rocks when I read the part in Luke 13 which talks about the narrow door to get into God’s kingdom. Many try to enter this door but fail. Why? Did they fail to turn sideways?

That may be close to the truth, actually. I think the problem with narrow doors is that they don’t accommodate us. We instead have to shift somehow to fit through.

In other words, big doors are no problem for us. We can enter them however we wish. We can go through with all our preconceptions, our attitudes, our issues, our pain, and our “stuff” entirely in place. When we go through narrow doors, we have to strip all that stuff off. They won’t fit.

We have to fit the shape of the door versus the door fitting our shape. This takes humility and brokenness and a whole lot of adjustment that we just don’t want to make. That is why many will “try” to enter but will never get past the doorway since they are unwilling to set aside whatever gets in their way.

So, most walk away from the narrow door of the Kingdom and miss out on what is on the other side. Too bad! Narrow doors may be the toughest to go through but promise the greatest rewards! Think about it!

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  1. Sandy Akin

    This makes sense to me, especially the part about us fitting the shape of the door not vice-versa. That means I must be broken and reshaped in order to fit the door that Christ has for me to walk through. He is the potter molding me to enter into His Kingdom. Thanks for everything you do and for this message; it is very eye opening and humbling. ~Sandy

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