Day 27: Party time!

Well, it has finally happened! I am a grandpa! Yahoo! My grandson Skyler was born yesterday morning weighing in a tad more than 7 pounds. Quite a handsome dude! And of course, I am not biased. But, check it out… takes after his grandpa doesn’t he?

One of the things about being a grandpa that is super exciting for me is seeing this new life come into the world. It feels so incredibly mystical how God allowed this little bitty being form in my daughter’s body until the day was ready for him to make his grand appearance.

I can’t believe my family has this new life in it. We are super excited about what our lives will be like and how Skyler will change them. Truly, the party is on!

In the 15th chapter of Luke, Jesus tells some stories about celebrations that occur when lost things are found. A new life has begun! A life that has been set free! You got to party when that happens!

Much like my new grandson starting his new life on this planet, we should celebrate when new life occurs. It is time to party like crazy! We can’t even help it. It’s really a happy day.


  1. Karen Bass

    Congratulations Jim and Mary on the arrival of your
    grandson. Being a grandparent is the best experience I have ever had and I am sure it will be for both of you also. What a happy occasion for you and he is very handsome.

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