Day 31: Childlike

I received in the mail today some homemade thank you cards from some kids at a local school near our church. I had gone there recently during reading day and had read to a third grade class my favorite book.

Some of their cards were really pretty cute. One girl had all over her the outside of card her love for God (They all were informed that I am a pastor apparently). Inside she shared that she goes to three churches and has three Bibles. She must have felt that she needed one for each church she attended.

Another one thanked me for “stoping your joub” (stopping your job) to come to the school. I am not laughing since I would have the same problem if I didn’t have “smel chekir” on my computer.

Several of them signed their cards with the word “Sincerely.” It must be the word of the week at school since that is a pretty big word for third grade, isn’t it. Or, it would have been a big word for me in the third grade and maybe even the seventh grade…

The book I chose that day to read was one of my favs, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. In the book Alexander recounts all the bad stuff that happens that day like the cat choosing his brother’s affections over his, lima beans for supper, railroad train pajamas and kissing on TV.

It is hard to imagine a more horrid day, really. Actually, I have been in Alexander’s shoes when the day seemed to just spin out of control. Everything I tried to do went sideways. Days when the world seems to conspire against me.

I read this morning in Luke 18 that reminded me of what is most important. There is this blind dude who is having a bad day in his chosen trade: begging. Actually it chose him. In those days, there is nothing much a blind guy could do to survive other than begging.

Jesus comes along and he asks the guy what he wants. He could have answered something like “give me some lima beans” or in other words, give me food to eat or money to buy food.

He didn’t ask for something that make his day a little brighter. He went for the big one! He says simply “I want to see.” It is so much like a child those four little words. So bold. So brash. So innocent in its directness. So full of faith!

And a good thing he responded that way. Because not only did his day improve but his whole life!
He went away with a gift of sight.

Earlier in the chapter, Jesus encourages us to receive the kingdom like a child. These cards remind me to approach God like that. When I do, I am never disappointed!

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