Day 35: More than fun and games

It’s Sunday night and I am exhausted. Its been a long week. We had a great day yesterday at our Easter carnival. Around 1000 kids and adults played crazy games like the bungee cord jump and the moon walk and the cake walk and all kinds of games.

100’s of kids hunted for eggs in our auditorium and took home an armful of candy. They ate pizza and dogs and flavored shaved ice and cotton candy and a whole bunch stuff that isn’t good for them. They had a blast.

So, why did we do it? There really is only one legitimate reason. We want to make a difference in the lives of others. We have this mission to help people find freedom.

In Luke 20, Jesus is talking to his disciples when he asks them if they are going to be like the religious leaders who are looking for the seats of honor and yet pretend to be pious with their long prayers they make in public. And yet for all their supposed religiosity, they cheat the widows out of their money.

So, Jesus is asking us if we are going to act like we are holy or if we are truly going to be holy. Real faith in God will show in our actions. We will act like God. We will care for people enough to give them the seat of honor or in other words, we will serve them.

That’s why we had the carnival. We want people in our community know we are safe place for them to come. We want them to know we really do care. We want to let people see that we are different. And, if they see that, maybe they will see Jesus.

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