Day 41: The Home Stretch

I saw a snake wiggle across the golf course toward my playing partner’s golf ball. Thankfully, he (or she… who can tell the difference?) was more interested in a couple of birds.

I continued to watch the interaction between said snake and birds and soon became uncertain who was on the attack and who was scurrying away. It looked like the birds were sizing up the snake and vice versa. I think we were just happy that they were all moving away from the golf ball.

We are entering the last stretch of our 40 day journey and I am wondering if it is making any real difference. Did it truly change anything in our lives? It is kind of like the snake and the birds. How can we really tell?

It has to be more than simply creating some good habits. It has to mean something unique. Reading today in Luke 24, we read about Jesus being raised from the dead. At the end of the reading, there are these simple words, “He appeared to Peter.”

The significance of these words are due to the last time we hear about Peter before this time. He has just denied that he even knew Jesus and is weeping bitterly. He blew it big time!

But, Jesus didn’t reject him. He continued to believe that Peter was the guy to lead His people. He forgave Him. There is a clue here to how we can know if there are any lasting changes.

The key is to check out our hearts. Are we willing to confess our sins, the times we have blown it? Are we willing to bow our hearts before God and simply follow Him? That is when we know if we are hunter or the hunted. That is how we know if we are truly changed as people.

So, has the 40 days made a difference? I guess its totally up to us. It’s our choice. What will it be?

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