Princess diaries

I was at the airport in Chicago yesterday waiting for my flight home. I had a great visit with my daughter and son and new grandson! What a great little dude!

So, it was about 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning and I had the earliest flight. While I was waiting at the gate, I glanced up at the TV screen and discovered that “the wedding” was on. You know what I mean of course about the wedding. It was the Prince who found his lady, his princess!

I looked around at the surrounding room and it began to fill up noticeably with women. They seemed to just show up. Some of them weren’t even on our flight. They apparently were just passing by and were drawn in.

Soon I was hearing comments like, “Don’t those kids look cute!” and “Who’s that woman who is walking in front of Kate?” and “Did you see that hat!” and “That wedding dress is really kind of simple, isn’t it?” and “She is so beautiful!”

What is it about the wedding of William and Kate that attracted so much attention, specifically from women. I know part of it is just the allure of royalty. It may also be that Americans are fascinated by English stuff. But, I think it maybe more than that.

I wonder if some women are still hoping for a prince on a white horse to show up at their door. That may seem like I am making a stereotypical judgment call but I think it may have some validity. Let me try to explain.

I know while my daughters were growing up, they loved for me to treat them like princesses. I would take them on dates and give them roses on Valentine’s Day and tell them how special and how beautiful they were (and are… I haven’t stopped telling them by the way.)

I wanted them to think of themselves as a precious gift. That way, hopefully, they would never settle for anything less than that. I didn’t want them to forget who they are and how they should be treated.

I wanted my girls to expect nothing less than what I had given them from any guy who came their way. I also tried to treat their mom like someone who deserved all the love I could give her. I wanted them to see me treating their mom like a queen!

I think in every little girl there is this desire for someone to see her as a princess, to put the special shoe on her foot, to take her to his castle and to always cherish her no matter what comes their way.

Again, I could be wrong but maybe that’s why so many women were fascinated by the royal wedding. Regardless, I definitely believe that every little girl deserves to be treated like she is as special as a princess… no matter if she is 6 or 16 or 36 or 66 or whatever age. That is something I know for sure!

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