The real thing

I am here! I am finally able to see him face to face! What an incredible feeling! Before it was just a story, just someone else’s description. But now, I can experience it for myself.

To what am I referring? Well, it could be a whole host of possibilities. But, today I am referring specifically to my grandson. I am here in Michigan where he lives with him mom and dad.

I have actually held him and fed him and changed him and watched him take a bath. Pictures don’t do him justice! This little three week old is exactly what I thought he would be: perfect!

Before the last two days, Skyler was just an image in my head. I knew about him based on what others told me. I knew about him based on pictures sent to me. Before hit point, I knew about him based on the stories told about his birth.

But, that was someone else’s story since I hadn’t actually seen him for myself. I knew I was a grandpa. I even had a shirt that said so but that still didn’t make it concrete. It wasn’t real enough. But, now, it’s my story too!

That is how it works in terms of our relationship with God. We can hear the story told by others. We can have bumper stickers that tell us we are fans of God. We can have his “pictures” hanging on our walls. We can do all of that but it is still someone else’s story until we personally experience Him.

I now know what it means to be a grandpa! I also know what it means to be a son of God! Pretty cool stuff!

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