We just returned from a long weekend with our kids. I got a chance to hold my grandson once more. He is such a great kid!

But, the real reason for the trip was to watch our daughter graduate from college. We were able to support and encourage her on her journey. We went to her baccalaureate in the morning and the actual “walking” to get her diploma in the afternoon. Check out her incredible pix with her beautiful momma below:

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of long graduation ceremonies. You have to sit through long speeches and long marches by 100’s of students. It takes a long time to get through the entire event.

But, when it’s your daughter graduating, somehow it seems easier to watch and wait. And, honestly, this year the speeches seemed to be right on target. Her commencement address was delivered by Steven Curtis Chapman who has been a popular Christian singer for many years. He did a great job!

By the way, that word “commence” is pretty interesting. It simply means to begin. Chapman talked about this new beginning that the students are taking. He reminded them of the words they long to hear, that we all long to hear at the end of the journey: You have arrived.

In fact, those are the words that the average GPS unit says when we come to our destination. When it comes to the real import of those words however, it will never be understood till the end of our journey here on this planet. We have arrived!

For now, we are at still at the beginning. There is a whole lot of living to do. We have to keep walking, not just across stages to receive our diplomas but onward and upward to the places God has for us to see!

Commencement is a beginning! The ending will come soon enough when we will hear those great words: You have arrived! But, until then, keep on moving!

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