Healing! Its an incredible thing really. Most of the time we think of it in terms of the physical. Someone has an injury or an illness and they hope they get well soon. Everyone, friends and family, also hope that for the person.

Sometimes physical healing occurs on this planet and sometimes not. Regardless of the outcome, everyone will eventually lose the battle. It may come early or late in life, but death like taxes is inevitable.

But, I am not talking physical healing tonight. I am talking a much deeper healing. When we get the kind of healing I am talking about, it lasts forever. It will blow our minds and hearts! It feels greater than any other feeling.

That is what I felt last night. Many of us came together as a community of faith and decided to deal with the past. We dealt both with our successes as a church and our failures. We decided that both can hold us back from this “new thing” God wants to do.

Former pastors wrote letters asking forgiveness for what they had done or not done. This paved the way for persons who gathered in that old gym to stand and confess their sin, their failures.

Much of it was very specific and dealt with some things that held a grip over our church for many years. As each person shared, you could almost feel the weight of stuff begin to fall off of us. And then, it happened. One person came up and shared the one thing I thought was missing to make the healing complete. Wow! What a moment of vulnerability. It was amazing!

And then, we were encouraged to come up and receive an anointing and a blessing. It was kind of like having shed all that weight, we were then reminded of who we really are. We received the fullness of God’s love and favor!

And afterward, there was the hugging and the high fiving and the recognition that something old had been buried and left behind and something new had begun. I was totally exhausted by the end of it all but it was all so worth it!

Healing! It’s powerful when it happens to an individual but it is community altering when it occurs to a church! And believe that is what has been initiated. I can’t wait to find out what’s next…

You see healing is not an “ed” word. It’s continuous! As Philippians 1:6 reminds us, God has begun a good work in us, but it ain’t done yet. Healing leads to more healing. In fact, maybe, He wants to do something in you!

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  1. Margaret Ann Vander Molen

    I was very honored to witness, for my first time, a Church Corporate Reconciliation evening of public confession, concluding with corporate and one-one-one prayer.
    Choose — living “in a moment of time” vs needing, in our present future, the “God of the moment.” It’s easier to tend to always want to go back to the way it was, as Pastor Ken shared. I choose to leave the moment, to follow “God of the Moment” who is my God of continual forward change.

    Thank you, Pastor Jim, for having to ‘guts’ to reach out in front, with risk to your personal reputation, to care enough for NHC in helping us out of “sinking sand.” Like Greg, from the same organization, who shared earlier in March, usually with quick sand you can choose to not fight it and slowing stand back up to get out of the hole. And that’s what NHC is now doing! We are moving forward “keeping in step with the Holy Spirit willing to leave the moment to follow the God of the moment”! As Pastor Steve Childs said in his letter, “…greatness often comes from tears of brokenness. As, also, was commented in closing: “NHC are hardy people — we can push through this.”

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